Ex-Military Rehabilitation Centre
25th Anniversary 1991 - 2016
The Aldgate Corroboree
Vale “Wheelbarrow” Greg Sotnikov
Vic Jones will always be  an Aldgate RSL legend. His family over the years have been glue for the sub branch and sadly Dawn Service will have another great man missing from the roll call. We will remember  his great smile and always welcoming nature.
He was a 'young feller' at the RSL and over the years great mates with the ww2 crew and continued his support for us 'young fellers' from the Vietnam era who began arriving at the sub branch late eighties and went on to greet the lads and lassies from the modern wars in this new century.
Always first to grab the heavy end the little dynamo was as wise as his energy. "Be kind to your mum and old people" "Don't knock off 'til the job's done" "Love your country and respect your diggers"
It'll be easy to find another dixie basher for ANZAC day but I'm not sure if I'll find one who could tell me where the old blokes scrounged the panelling from or who mixed the concrete for the verandah or who's that sitting next to Fred Prout in that photo.
Many organisations in the Hills will be saddened at his passing and he will be remembered by folk across many networks and some in far of places including his "fuzzy Wuzzie Angel" mates up the "track"
Vic was a tireless community servant who doesn't need an order of Australia because he is Australia.
Boxing day, Aldgate RSL
lunchtime (Dry Canteen)

bar will be closed to allow diggers and their families to attend who have court orders banning attendance at licensed premises and for the diggers on day leave from the repat who have alcohol issues. Guests welcome to B.Y.O. as no licence required. Moderation requested to assist those having problems with the grog.
Our crew have run Orphans Christmas a few times in the past and found it to be very comforting for folk who have no family or are separated from them during what is meant to be the 'festive season'.
If you are not an orphan don't shoot mum and dad to qualify as non orphans are just as welcome and are a great help to the lonely ones (who would never admit it of course.) Foozball, pool, darts, air hockey, creek, hillclimb for kids. Test on the telly, tall tales, no pokies and cameraderie for the adults. Canned music as the band will probably be too hungover. Bring a SID (socially isolated digger) if you know one.
p.s. 'digger' includes sailors, airmen, airwomen and flamin' officers as well If transport challenged send sig and we'll book a seat.
Ride for Remembrance
Aldgate RSL branch members will commemorate Remebrance Day with a motorcycle ride this weekend.

The event, which was first held three years ago, will see more than 50 motorcyclists and enthusiasts take to the streets to raise funds and acknowledge those past and present who risked their lives for Australia.

President of the Aldgate RSL Ian Campbell has played a big part in organising the event and will also be a participant in the ride from Bolivar to Nuriootpa and to Aldgate.

“I have been a member of the Aldgate RSL since 1989 and president for the last five years,” Ian said.

“This whole idea of riding to raise funds came from one of our members Mandi Behan who, sadly, is no longer with us.

“Mandi thought up the idea three years ago and her husband and some of his friends got involved.

“In that first year we raised over $3,000 - all of which went towards helping our rehabilitation centre and all the programs we run here at the RSL.

“This year we have the southern cross riders, veterans Motor Cycle Club and other motorcycle enthusiasts supporting the cause and taking part and I am one of them!

“I have had a motorcycle since I got my license at 16 so its great to get out and ride for a good reason and with other great people.

“We will get to the Aldgate RSL at 1pm when we will all enjoy a barbecue lunch, snacks and drinks.

“Some of us will be staying over night at the RSL hall for the small service that will be held on the Sunday at 11am.”

For Ian and other veterans significant days like ANZAC and Remembrance Day provide a good opportunity for friends to come together.

“The ride is all about remembering the men we served with, the men we lost and the men who fought before us,” Ian said.

“Both ANZAC and Remembrance Day provide us with a time to come together to acknowledge and appreciate the sacrifices made for this country and our way of life.

“I have no doubt that throughout the ride we will all be thinking of our lost mates.

“People definitely do feel passionate about these particular days of significance and we see that through the attendance at ANZAC Day services which have seen growing in numbers each year.”

To life member of the Aldgate RSL Jeffrey Barrett, the Remembrance Day Ride is an important day.

“I started with the RSL in 1976 when I was still in the Army and I really think this ride is a great outlet for some of the fellas,” he said.

“It's an opportunity for young and old to come together and get involved in something as well as share their problems, ideas and offer help.

“Remembrance Day is really important because we remember the more than 100,000 men who gave their lives for what we have today - I treat it as a very important day.”

Although he is not participating in the ride, Jeffrey will still take part in the day.

“I will be there to cheer everyone on and help around the branch where I can,” he said.

“If people want to donate or help out in some way, they just have to get in touch with the RSL.”

To donate, help out or for more information on the event or anything that the RSL do, call 0427 160 993.
Members of the Aldgate sub branch have been the driving force for the projects and are pleased to provide services to defence and ex-defence force personnel and their families irrespective of age, area of service, rank or social circumstance. We welcome those living on the fringe and our many years of working with damaged diggers have provided us with a network of volunteers (professional and community) who can tackle most issues and provide support for those willing to rehabilitate..
The Aldgate members host a BBQ lunch on the first Sunday of the month (exception is January) live music most months. We have a focus on families and we seek out socially isolated and disabled diggers to give them a feeling of family.
The year of 2016 signals the 25th Anniversary of the (XMRC) Ex-Military Rehabilitation Centre's inception in 1991 as an initiative of the Aldgate RSL.

To celebrate the Event, there will be a BBQ at the Aldgate RSL, commencing at 11.00 am on Sunday, the 4th of December.

The main formal celebration will be held at the XMRC at midday on Tuesday, the 13th of December combining the 25th Anniversary Celebration and the Annual Christmas Party.

A further 25th Anniversary BBQ will be held at the Bush Camp. Date and time to be announced.
The Aldgate Corroboree is now an annual event being held this year at the Aldgate RSL on Sunday 27th November. The Corroboree brings together Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people for a shared experience of cultural practice and exchange through dance, music and fellowship. This contributes to increased recognition of the Aboriginal cultural significance of the area and builds reconciliation in the community.

Welcome to country at 10am by Isobelle Campbell followed by traditional dance, traditional cooking, crafts, jewelry making and face painting. Lunch and soft drinks from 12.30.The event will conclude at 5pm with 'last post' and and 'the silence' to honour our Aboriginal service men and women.

Last year the ceremony was held to commemorate the centenary of a great event where many Corroborees were held a century ago, one of them on the site where the Aldgate RSL now stands.

In attendance were Aldgate RSL members including three of our aboriginal brothers, A Vietnam Vet, the son of a Vietnam Vet and a recently discharged younger warrior.
Aldgate RSL is situated in Kemp Rd Aldgate in the Adelaide Hills.
I regret to inform Aldgate RSL, XMRC and Peter Badcoe V.C. Complex members of the passing of our mate 'Wheelbarrow" a.k.a. Greg Sotnikov (served 1 R.A.R. Vietnam). I am advised by family that there will be a graveside service at the Murray Pines Lawn Cemetery, Deakin Avenue, Mildura South on Friday November 24 at 1400 hrs.
The above photo was taken at Government house when the Governor Sir Eric Neale cancelled some appointments to "have a beer with the boys" after signing the freehold titles for our bush camp towns.(Wheelbarrow, Governor's assistant, the Guv and foundation member Gary MacRae).
Wheelbarrow was part of the 'Old guard' with the projects and could be found rescuing breakdowns in the bush, hosting the rock and roll show at his place, loading and unloading the town truck, assisting at the demo jobs and many other tasks. He was also very handy at policy meetings with bureaucrats, a minister, deputy commish and DVA folk. His size, no nonsense common sense approaches, truck driver/digger logic made them take notice His trademark mullet was a great help to the cause.(missing in the photo with the 'Guv')
He will always be remembered and even though he hated 'Nashos' I tend to think he liked some of us a bit.

Ian Campbell, CEO XMRC inc.

The photo below is of a Rock and Roll show at Wanbi with a few of Wheelbarrow's mates (Warning photo contains image of a man with Aboriginal heritage)
The University of Adelaide

Research Unit on Military Law and Ethics (RUMLAE)

Have you ever served in the Australian military?
If you have we would like to talk to you about your experiences.

What is the project about?
We want to understand why some men who have served in the Australian Defence Force end up in prison. We want to hear stories of your experiences before, during and after military service. The results from this research may help government and ex service organisations to plan support services for people who served in the military to reduce the chances of offending or re-offending.

Who is undertaking the project?
This project is being conducted by researchers from the University of Adelaide Law School.

What will I be asked to do?
You are invited to attend a face to face interview to tell your story. We will have a set of questions about your life and experiences before, during and after military service.
The interview will be in a private room at the prison. We would like to use a digital voice recorder to record your responses, but if you would prefer not to be recorded, we would take notes.

How much time will the project take?
The interview would take no more than 2 hours. Once we have typed up your comments we would like a short follow up visit to check your comments and see if you need any support for issues raised in the interview.

What will happen to my information?
We do not need your name and you would be anonymous. You will not be identified in the written transcript of the recording and we would give you a false name. We will ensure that any identifying details such as your rank in the military, where you served, and the prison you are in are not included in any publications.

If I want to participate, what do I do?
Please ask your Case Management Co-ordinator, social worker or Manager Offender Development for an Information Sheet and if you are still interested, ask the Case Management Co-ordinator, social worker or Manager Offender Development to contact one of the researchers to arrange a meeting.

If you are on Parole or have completed a sentence, call Patch on 0427160993

The Peter Badcoe V.C. complex has a number of projects under it's umbrella including services to the Helping Hand Team for socially isolated men, many with military backgrounds. We provide an independent workshop for community members with aquired brain injury (e.g. stroke,  auto accident)
The Ex-Military Rehabilitation Centre has workshops for joinery, computing, art and crafts and has a gem and mineral club with a well equipped lab. There is a commercial Kitchen and large dining area where 50+ are fed on our programme days which are tuesdays and thursdays.
A sub branch of the Vietnam Veterans Asssn operates six days a week for pensions, advocacy and fellowship. Wednesday is bbq day and a variety of refreshments are provided where navy, army and air force gather to tell tall tales.
Aldgate RSL in better shape thanks to Adelaide hills folk and businesses and many others who answered the call.

Click on the image below to view 50 photos surrounding the reconstruction and preceding events.
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